• Your project in PRIVATE LABEL made in France

    Would you like to create your own beauty brand?

    Would you like to develop new products?

    Rémanence puts its expertise and know-how at your service. We are committed to immersing ourselves in your universe and your requirements in order to sublimate your ideas.

    Thus, we can guide you in selecting targeted offers related to your strategic objectives. By offering flexible solutions and concepts with high added value, we allow you to begin with a small series and then evolve towards larger productions, depending on your budget. Present at each stage of the project, the Rémanence team of experts supports you from your idea to the final product, ready for sale.

  • RÉMANENCE proposes 2 offers to meet your needs:

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    RÉMANENCE provides its library of "turnkey" cosmetic formulas in face, body, hair and well-being care products.


    Our strengths:

    • Quality : 100% made in France / wide choice of formulas / natural cosmetic expertise & botanical active ingredients
    • Reactivity: 48 hours quotation / production in around 1 month / delivery within 5 working days
    • Flexibility : from 100kg and 500 units
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    Because your project is unique, RÉMANENCE designs with you the range of products of your dreams, with exclusive, 100% personalized cosmetic formulas.


    We can respond to specific requests for brand creation or exclusive products while guiding you through strategic and technical choices:

    • Product customization from a formula base
    • Specific development, 100% tailor-made formula and/or packaging
  • Our support, from A to Z

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    Trend monitoring and market research: thanks to our sophisticated monitoring tools, we observe and analyze changes in consumer behavior and needs, innovations, and trends, particularly concerning ingredients and textures. We can thus submit recommendations to you according to your target market and competitive universe.


    Our team can advise you in defining your brand positioning via:

    • name search

    • brand logo design

    • writing your USP

    • writing your values and brand commitments

    • defining your product promises

    • defining your range of architecture



    The development of your product begins with the transposition of your ideas and concepts into R&D, industrial, and marketing specifications

    • Certifications & Labels

    • Claims

    • Textures

    • Ingredients

    • Packaging

    • Target prices / deadlines


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    • Our R&D center designs your cosmetic formula based on the established specifications

    • Formula options are presented to you for validation in terms of texture, smell, and effectiveness

    • We offer iterations until full satisfaction



    • Our design office is at your service to materialize your ideas and visualize them: brand image, graphic and industrial design in 2D/3D

    • We source or develop standard or specific packaging following your specifications and the eco-responsibility criteria

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    • After fixing the product formula, we launch tests relating to the preservation and harmlessness of the product, in particular, the challenge test (effectiveness of the preservative system), the stability test (durability), and the patch test (skin irritation)

    • We compile the regulatory file: Product Information File (DIP) according to European Regulation 1223/2009

    • For certified organic products, the certification process is carried out simultaneously

    • Following the established specifications, we carry out the required tests to support the claims

    • We include all the labeling information in accordance with the regulations


    • We control the entire value chain: development, purchase, and production within our manufacturing site in the south of France

    • Ordering raw materials and packaging items

    • Drivers

    • Bulk manufacturing

    • Conditioning

    • Packaging and shipping

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  • An idea? A project? Let's discuss it!

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